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        • D-EYE for Apple iPhone 6
          D-EYE for Apple iPhone 6
        Item Number:98771

        Introducing the only portable ophthalmoscope capable of recording high-definition images and video of the retina. The innovative D-EYE Portable Retinal Imaging System easily attaches to a smartphone (Apple or Samsung), creating a fundus camera capable of recording high-definition video and still images of the interior of the eye for health screening and evaluation.

        D-EYE can be used to conduct routine eye examinations and retinal screenings anywhere for possible detection of a variety of disorders:

        • See the optic nerve head without dilating drops
        • Look for neurological disorders associated with the eye
        • Record images of children and infants without dilation drops
        • Use to examine bed-ridden patients
        • Use in emergency room evaluations
        • Review before and after treatment images with patients, and parents or guardians

        D-EYE Features:

        • Field of view of up to 20 degrees
        • Portable - requires no external power or lighting
        • Prescreen anywhere and share with other specialists immediately via the web
        • Non-invasive, convenient and ergonomic
        • Eliminates corneal glare
        • Provides high-definition images
        • Record multiple images or videos
        • Built-in patient information file
        • Optional private and secure cloud-based storage system
        • iOS and Android based applications


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