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        • Miraflex, Oval, 3-8mos, Light Blue Pearl (Baby Zero)
          Miraflex, Oval, 3-8mos, Light Blue Pearl (Baby Zero)
        Item Number:473115-472031

         Flexible Children's Frames 

        • Frame is manufactured out of a single piece of malleable material.
        • Non-metal components reduce risk of facial and eye trauma.
        • Great for babies, toddlers and sports activities.
        • Unique light malleable material is designed to adjust to individual face.
        • Elastic adjustable band keeps frames snug and centered.
        • Bridge is anatomically designed.
        • Petite sizes make early eye wear acceptable.
        • 3 models, 11 sizes and 32 colors.
        • Plastic protective case included.
        Shape: Oval,  Name: Baby Zero,  Age: 3-8 months, Eye/Bridge: size 31/15
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